Exercise Endorphins: Aching to Achieve


At the start of twelfth grade I began biking after school.  For this hour and a half my legs burned as I excused myself from responding to phone calls.  Although I could never admit it, I disliked biking company; only my brother proved to be a perfect riding partner.  At six p.m. I returned from riding, endorphin infused, ready to respond. 

As a college freshman, I missed the exercise as I drove to school, anxious to park on Jewel before first period.  Now, regardless of the weather, legs propel me to class each day.  Racing myself, I’ve made the mile in eleven minutes, forty-three seconds.  Often, I retrace this path to school (I love doing the EXACT same thing over and over) even when QC is closed. Completing this short routine, my brain buzzes with lists, graphs, and ideas, having released crucial “happy” chemicals and having been given the chance to tune out, for just a bit, and reevaluate the rest of my world.

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