Edward Hopper’s famous Nighthawks


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Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks evokes an interesting aspect of the new city that has not yet been expressed in the other paintings we have looked at in our course.  The first aspect I noticed is the stark contrast between the dark night and the lit diner.  Regardless of this disparity, a gloomy mood permeates the entire piece.  Judging by the women’s short sleeved red dress, the painting is of a summer night.  Yet, there is no one outside enjoying the good weather.  The streets are dark and empty and the storefronts lack the usual decorative signs that incite customers to enter.  Even inside the bar the couple does not seem to be conversing and a man sits alone.  It is as if the precision of the lines of the painting have enclosed the area in their rigidity and have therefore led to the lack of fluid communication inside the diner.  The “clean well lit place” is too clean and too well lit to allow for any fun.  

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